Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Lerato & Kroma

Join us in an evening of fine cocktails and delectable cuisine tonight as we present Alveo's latest innovative living concepts in Makati City's flourishing hubs
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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Total Family Living Experience

Alveo Land, a division of property heavyweight Ayala Land Inc. (Ali), is bringing in a vibrant mix of culture, lush landscapes and active living to enable their buyers to have everything they want within their reach.

"Not only is this in keeping with Alveo Land's thrust to create innovative living solutions, but more important, it will also promote urban development within the Southside and Nuvali communities," said Anton Sanchez III, division manager for project development of Alveo, during a weekend briefing held in Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna.

According to Sanchez, the continuous integration of business, lifestyle and recreation hubs into Mamplasan and Nuvali will give Alveo residents long-term benefits that reach into the future. The three thriving communities of Alveo, namely, Verdana, Treveia and Venare, have distinct characteristics that create their own brand of comfortable, intimate community life in the South.

To familiarize the residents, prospective buyers and visitors as well, Alveo recently organized colorful festivities of the South such as the San Pablo City's Coconut Festival and Mayflower Festival, Pagsanjan's Bangkero Festival, Liliw's Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival, Calauan's Pinya Festival and Santa Cruz's Keso Festival.

"Organizing such events has inspired Alveo to come up with another one that gives a toast to the living innovations of its three Southside District communities," Sanchez said. On May 21, Alveo also held a street fair called "Walk on the Southside" at Nuvali's Evo Living Center in celebration of the distinct Southern living experience in its three Southside developments-Verdana Homes Mamplasan, Treveia Nuvali and Venare Nuvali.

At the Alveo Southside Street Fair, each community was represented by various activities that embody its unique living proposition.

For Verdana Homes, which is perfect for those who want to combine the warmth, ease and traditions of urban living with modern-day facilities, guests treated themselves with authentic Southern delicacies, such as flavored lambanog, buko pie and espasol. Guests also tried their hands in making kesong puti, made only from the freshest carabao milk.

At Treveia Nuvali, guests created their own mini landscape and learned the art of Southern furniture as well as pottery making. These activities highlighted the lush natural environment complemented by courtyards, themed gardens and ecocentric amenities found in Treveia.

Meanwhile, high-spirited individuals enjoyed activities at Venare Nuvali. To amplify and promote active living, guests were encouraged to create their own personalized frisbee and participated in yoga sessions.

Verdana Homes sits on a 42-hectare land area located in Mamplasan in BiƱan, Laguna, that has an ambiance of embracing families with a tranquil and dynamic sense of community. Treveia Nuvali and Venare Nuvali, which are both located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, on a 50-hectare land, provide the much-wanted comfort from the daily rigors of living that is anchored on environmental sustainability, ecocentric amenities, such as a grand clubhouse with an open lounge and swimming pools, sports facility for water, air, and land sporting activities.

Business Mirror
15 June 2011
By: Rizal Raoul Reyes

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy Season Preparedness

Source: Philippine weather during the months of June to September are peppered with storms and heavy rains. Those of us who have lived here all our lives are used to the wet weather, used to power outages coming and going, used to the occasional leaks on the roof and of course, the ridiculous traffic caused by floods.

Everyone has their own personal ways of dealing with the rainy season, but there are a few basic necessities we need to observe.

1.) One of the sure occurrences in the rainy season are power outages. They occur randomly, always in the most inconvenient of times, and while you never know when they will strike, you know they will happen sooner or later. So be one step ahead of it, and prepare everything you need when electricity goes out. Stock up on candles, matches, batteries, and make sure your emergency lights are charged. Have fans and board games ready too, if it's too early in the night to sleep.

2.) Another thing that comes with the rainy season is the increase in Dengue outbreaks. To protect you and your family, always have a bottle of insect repellant lotion (such as OFF) handy. Be sure to clear out stagnant water from your households, where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Shut your doors and windows at all times to prevent them from coming inside.

3.) Keep a bottle of alcohol handy, for those instances where you get caught by the rain and have to wade through flooded streets to get to your car or house. This is especially required for women who like to wear open toed shoes- as Leptospirosis is a very serious disease. On that matter, try to wear closed shoes if you feel it's going to rain- better safe than sorry.

4.) Check the trees around your house for heavy branches. If there are some directly above your roofs, it would be prudent to cut them off, before a strong wind comes and drops them on your roof. This is one of the leading causes of house damage during storms, so it's best to cut them off before they cut into your house.

5.) Don't throw out those half-gallon ice cream containers! They make for handy leak buckets, for those inopportune times when roof and ceiling leaks occur out of nowhere. Even the sturdiest, most well-designed roofs can get a leak, especially when you don't watch out for #4. When leaks occur, it's best to fix it as soon as possible after the storm and rain passes, to avoid making the holes bigger. Silicone based adhesives such as Vulcasil and Elastosil are handy items to have during the rainy season, as they're the band-aid solution for your leaky roof problems.

6.) Lastly, do your part in preventing floods by not throwing out small trash into the street, which is the leading cause of drain clogs. There are proper waste disposal methods prescribed by the government, so be a good citizen and follow them. Do your part for the country. As Ghandi once famously quoted "We need to be the change we wish to be in the world."

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Proper Condo for Modern Families

What kinds of benefits can condominiums offer that made these types of housings popular as modern family-homes in the Philippine market? According to many real estate experts, condominiums first became popular as a modern home found in some of the busiest business and commercial districts in the Philippine market.

However, as the demand for modern family-homes increases in the market, condominiums had also gained a lot of popularity as a modern home for modern Filipino families. These types of condominiums are known as condominium complexes.

Condominiums for Growing Filipino Families
Though condominiums were first introduced as types of modern housing that caters to the needs of modern Filipinos in terms of accessibility, condominiums today have now become a popular type of housing which can accommodate today’s growing demands for modern homes. This is when condominium complexes became popular and in-demand in the Philippine market.

Condominium complexes are types of condominiums which are commonly found around the outskirts of Metro Manila. Although it lacks the accessibility that allows its residents to easily and conveniently access their workplaces from their homes, these types of modern real estate in the Philippines does offer the perfect environment more suitable for growing children, such as the cleanliness of its surroundings, wide-open spaces, as well as its more breathable air.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Double Summer Treat

The Sequoia at Two Serendra and High Street South invite you to a day where summer meets style. Enjoy double treats from two of the most sought after properties in BGC and experience a city where passion lives.

Wii Fit together!
Indulge in Wii games
that put your fitness
to the test

Screening Time
Learn the pop art
of silk screaning with
ready screens for shirts.

27 May 2012
Skye Lounge
Roof Deck, W Bldg.
11th St. cor 28th St.,
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

RSVP: Marynol Alejandro
(632) 848.5100

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Benefits that made Modern Housings Popular and Modern

There are many popular types of housing in the Philippines today that can offer the kinds of modern benefits that many Filipinos are looking for n a home. Popular examples of those kinds of houses are condominiums and houses.

Benefits that made Condominiums Popular
Condominiums are known as one of the most popular and in-demand types of modern housing in the Philippines today, according to many real estate experts. The reason why is because of its flexibility in providing the best environment suitable for different kinds of demands.

According to many philippine real estate experts, the first benefit that made condominiums popular is because of the accessibility that these types of housings can offer to its residents. This is because most of these types of housings are commonly found in major business and commercial districts across Metro Manila.

Because of its location, condominiums can offer the... Read more here:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Popular New Benefits of New Houses in the Philippines

There are many popular types of housings available in the Philippines, and some of the most popular are houses. This is when new houses were developed in the Philippine market which aims to accommodate Filipinos with their needs in terms of a modern family-home. Here are some of those popular benefits:

Family-Oriented Locations of New Houses

One major benefit that made houses popular and in-demand in the Philippine market is because of its choice in terms of location. This is because unlike the kinds of houses found across Metro Manila, many of today’s new houses are found in seclude places outside the capital, mostly in the outskirts or even in a number of popular neighboring provinces surrounding Metro Manila.

Because of its location, according to many real estate ph experts, these new houses can offer the kind of environment more suitable for growing children compared to that in Metro Manila, such as its wide-open spaces, cleaner environment, more breathable air, as well as the privacy and security that its community can offer.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Other Side Of The Ridge

A feast for the senses in timeless Tagaytay

MANILA, Philippines - A trip to Tagaytay, at least for the young and restive, almost always starts with a spontaneous urge to drive, looking out for the first bite of cold, windows rolled down. Roads getting steeper, trees older; wayside stands for flowers, plants, fruits and furniture, appearing one by one. The road banks and suddenly you're at the rotonda. Jackets on, hoods up -- just to turn to the nearest 24-hour fast food to grab a burger.

Ironically, as much as Tagaytay is considered a quick escape, the mountain city is slowly morphing into an extended leisure area of, say, Makati or Taguig. And while tourism and business developments are always welcome in any metropolis, these changes somehow obscure the intrinsic charm that has made Tagaytay one of the finest leisure destinations in the country. After all, there's more to Tagaytay than cold weather.

Recently, Alveo Land invited members of the media to the other side of the Tagaytay ridge, far-off the busy Aguinaldo Highway, for a one-of-a-kind Five Senses Tour. "We conceptualized this tour because we wanted to celebrate what we've always loved about Tagaytay, the cool ambiance, the authenticity of home-cooked fares and the relaxing sound of nature," shared Eunice Acejo, Marketing Head of Alveo Land.

Indeed, colors, textures, tastes, scent and sounds, every sensation seems to be intensified by the crisp air of cool Tagaytay. So the next time you feel like driving up the city for a Mushroom Burger or a cup of coffee in Bag of Beans, here are five virtually undiscovered spots that you might want to see:

Sight Stop: Moon Garden
The Moon Garden is a mysterious, slightly eerie tucked.. Read more here.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Unique Collection of Amenities of Condominiums

What made condominiums popular in the Philippines? Condominium is a type of residential real estate in which a unit or a house in a compound or community is individually owned, while the rest of the condominium is jointly owned by all owners.

Other than its unique ownership, condominiums also became popular because of its other unique benefits that made it as one of today’s most popular and in-demand types of modern residential real estate ph (Philippines). Here are some of those:

Unique Collection of Amenities

One of the many benefits that made condominiums a popular type of modern home in the Philippine market, according to many Philippine real estate experts, is because of its location where residents can easily and conveniently access their workplaces from their homes.

However, condominiums are not the only types of modern housing found in business and commercial districts that can offer its residents the luxury of accessibility. Apartment buildings can also offer the same benefit, but with a more affordable cost.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Aston at Two Serendra Groundbreaking

Breaking Free. Two Serendra, Alveo Land's milestone development in the Bonifacio Global City, held the groundbreaking ceremony for The Aston, which marks the beginning of its newest phase, the water-inspired masterplan of Phase 3 featuring four themed lifestyle zones.

According to Nerissa Josef, Alveo Land Corp. VP for Project Development, "The Aston is meant to be a special area, a paradise for kids of all ages. We're creating a unique venue where kids and families can gather for a fun and leisurely afternoon." The event began with a blessing of the area followed by the lowering of the time capsule containing pertinent documents of the development. After which, Alveo Land Corp. President Dante Abando led the concrete-pouring ceremony to officially start the construction of the building. Found in the photo are (L-R) Rex Ma. Mendoza, Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing Group; Robert Lao, Assistant Vice President for Sales & Marketing Group; Nerissa Josef, Vice President for Project Development; Severino Villarama, Aidea Project Director, Dante Abando, President; Jennylle Tupaz, Division Manager for Project Development; Gilbert Berba, Innovations & Design Head; Hilario Yadao, Makati Development Corporation Area Manager.
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