Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playful Home Decors

Safe and boring are 2 descriptions you do not like you house to be associated with. Just like your personality, home decors should have characters and life. It would be really nice to see an item in your space and remember the story attached to it. It may be a sofa given by your mom; or probably a night lamp that was given by a significant other. Just like the clothes you wear, each item in your house should spell YOU. Otherwise, your space may look like another showroom of furniture room.

That is why in decorating any part of your space at home, make sure you have fun and incorporate who you are as person. Sure, you can ask other's opinion; but the final decision should still be you and only you. Come to think of it, isn't it a lot better when you observe your house and see yourself in it?

An example of this is the tic-tac-toe table top of my friend. It sure did remind me that he is a gamer whenever he has time to space. Cool center piece, I could say.

Have fun decorating your home! Most of all, don't forget to add character inside your space.

By: Eric Capacia