Friday, December 13, 2013

Open House: Three (3) Advanced Tips To A Successful Open House

Holding an open house takes considerable amount of time and preparation for both the homeseller and the realtor. Some of the basic things to prep on include cleaning and de-cluttering the residence, providing adequate lighting on it and setting the ambience with soothing music. And then of course, there’s also finding the right real estate agent to partner with and compiling all the materials needed such as schedules, hand-outs and sign-in sheets.
How To Have A Successful Open House, Advanced Tips
Discover a few guidelines that will ensure a successful event and PH real estate sale. Here are three (3) ways to show you how.

1.       On marketing. One of the secrets to winning this lie within the marketing strategy. After all, the bigger the hype, the higher the number of people who will check out your offer.
·         Create a prominent signage within your premises. In order to get this to work, you need to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Putting up a huge sign that shows the schedule of the affair is a good way to start. Be precise with the copy. If there’s a “For Sale” poster before, replace that with “Open House Saturday” or “Open House Sunday”.
·         Position multiple signages strategically. Increase foot traffic by situating a couple in the busiest corners of your neighborhood, then another two leading to your residence. Attach arrows so the viewers from different areas will know how to reach your place.
·         Setup a sched for locals. If regular viewing starts in the afternoon, allot a few hours beforehand for the natives in the area, perhaps in the morning. In this way, you can target bigger and wider audience.
·          Advertise on local papers. If you have extra budget, get it published on daily newspapers. 

·         Get it listed on different directories.  Depending on your location, there are websites like that allow event listings. Find out what’s available in your area and list it up.
·         Promote through Facebook and Twitter. Social media are great avenues to market different types of residential properties ranging from Makati condos, QC apartments, Cavite family homes and many more. On Facebook, use Events to announce that you have a property viewing on a certain date. On Twitter, tweet the timetable and tag or mention the users who you think will be interested to attend.  

2.       On the day itself. It is advisable to stay elsewhere during the course of the showing. This will make the homebuyers feel at ease while touring around your property.

3.       On security. The number of attendees can be unpredictable which brings to the subject of security. In that sense, here are some tips to apply:
·         Ask for identification, e.g. driver’s license, prior to them entering your premises.
·         Keep your bathroom closed as a safety precaution.
·         Remove all valuables in plain sight. Store them in a secure location.
·         Get the buyers paired up or to form into groups so that they will have an escort during the tour.