Friday, December 13, 2013

Open House: Three (3) Advanced Tips To A Successful Open House

Holding an open house takes considerable amount of time and preparation for both the homeseller and the realtor. Some of the basic things to prep on include cleaning and de-cluttering the residence, providing adequate lighting on it and setting the ambience with soothing music. And then of course, there’s also finding the right real estate agent to partner with and compiling all the materials needed such as schedules, hand-outs and sign-in sheets.
How To Have A Successful Open House, Advanced Tips
Discover a few guidelines that will ensure a successful event and PH real estate sale. Here are three (3) ways to show you how.

1.       On marketing. One of the secrets to winning this lie within the marketing strategy. After all, the bigger the hype, the higher the number of people who will check out your offer.
·         Create a prominent signage within your premises. In order to get this to work, you need to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Putting up a huge sign that shows the schedule of the affair is a good way to start. Be precise with the copy. If there’s a “For Sale” poster before, replace that with “Open House Saturday” or “Open House Sunday”.
·         Position multiple signages strategically. Increase foot traffic by situating a couple in the busiest corners of your neighborhood, then another two leading to your residence. Attach arrows so the viewers from different areas will know how to reach your place.
·         Setup a sched for locals. If regular viewing starts in the afternoon, allot a few hours beforehand for the natives in the area, perhaps in the morning. In this way, you can target bigger and wider audience.
·          Advertise on local papers. If you have extra budget, get it published on daily newspapers. 

·         Get it listed on different directories.  Depending on your location, there are websites like that allow event listings. Find out what’s available in your area and list it up.
·         Promote through Facebook and Twitter. Social media are great avenues to market different types of residential properties ranging from Makati condos, QC apartments, Cavite family homes and many more. On Facebook, use Events to announce that you have a property viewing on a certain date. On Twitter, tweet the timetable and tag or mention the users who you think will be interested to attend.  

2.       On the day itself. It is advisable to stay elsewhere during the course of the showing. This will make the homebuyers feel at ease while touring around your property.

3.       On security. The number of attendees can be unpredictable which brings to the subject of security. In that sense, here are some tips to apply:
·         Ask for identification, e.g. driver’s license, prior to them entering your premises.
·         Keep your bathroom closed as a safety precaution.
·         Remove all valuables in plain sight. Store them in a secure location.
·         Get the buyers paired up or to form into groups so that they will have an escort during the tour.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Open House: Quick Checklist For Real Estate Agents

The role of the realtor in an open house event cannot be understated. While it is a joint effort together with the homeowner, the tasks and responsibilities of an agent is distinct and separate as he focuses more on the promotional side and ensuring that the affair will be implemented properly.

How To Prepare For An Open House If You Are A Real Estate Agent
Below is a quick checklist for PH real estate agents. Regardless if you’re new in the industry or this is your first time to host such affair, get to know your to-dos to help deliver a successful result for the team.

1.       Conduct a research on the neighborhood. More often than not, the attendees will have no idea about the community where the property is currently located. It is your job then to get all the information needed to catch the interest of prospective buyers. Pattern the data you will provide to the visitors with the goal you and the homeseller are both aiming for. Are you looking to target families instead of single individuals? If this is so, learn the pros and cons of the current location of the home. How near or far is the PH property from school, health center and park? Is the grocery store within walking distance? How quick can the fire or police department respond in case of emergency?

2.       Create a fact sheet about the details of the home. Just imagine how it’s going to be like on the day of the event. Many people will surely ask the same questions over and over again. How many bedrooms are there? Is the kitchen and dining room separate? Is there a bathroom for the kids? When was it constructed? How’s the power or water system? How big is the residence in terms of square meters? Instead of answering them one by one, you can avoid this scenario by preparing a simple leaflet that states all the basic info they will surely be interested in knowing about.

3.       Do online and offline promotions. Next step is to make sure that many people will know that you have some properties up for sale. Reach a bigger audience by promoting it on the web. Get it listed on Craigslist and put announcements on several social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Advertise on local newspapers and put a signage on the front yard to alert passing drivers. Make it as interesting as possible. Put balloons and add colors into it to catch more attention.

4.       Coordinate with the person-in-charge for food and entertainment. If the owner has a housekeeper, arrange for a few snacks and bottled water for the guests. Adding a little background music will certainly make a difference as well.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Open House: Three (3) Reasons Why You Should Scratch Open House Off Of Your List, from a Seller’s Viewpoint

Holding an open house has been proven to be effective since time immemorial. As it is open to everybody, the opportunity to attract several different people is huge – buyers who are new in the area and perhaps have not settled yet; neighbors who happen to walk by streets and would like to see what’s happening next door; and brokers who want to team up with you as a seller. It provides more exposure too if combined with social media or digital marketing efforts such that of Facebook’s, Twitter’s and Youtube’s.
Why You Should Not Hold An Open House
There are also disadvantages in hosting an affair such as this one. If you are having second thoughts yourself, here are three (3) of them.

1.       Agents tend to benefit more than the homeseller. Putting your real estate property in the Philippine market is a gamble. Just like any other game, you could either win or lose. Winner you are if you are able to get the amount you wished for or maybe even higher, loser then if all efforts went for naught and nobody gave a reasonable offer. In the latter case, it is the agent who benefits more. He gets to meet prospective clients and possibly lead them in to the other properties he or she is trying to sell. So if you are going to pursue this idea, find someone you could trust on this matter. Ensure that you have an agreement with the realtor that such behavior like “pirating” is completely discouraged. After all, it’s your home that is being sold.

2.       Not every visitor is a potential buyer. Due to the variety of people present during the event, there is no assurance that you’ll get bids for your new house for sale. Some of them could be merely browsing and doing point by point comparisons to their #1 choice. Others could be looking around just to see what the hype is all about. And there are those who are out there simply to find a broker to assist them on their own sale.

3.       It offers too much stress. Needless to say, hosting an open house needs a lot of preparation, time and effort thereby it is certainly a stressful activity for the homeowner. There’s the first impression to think about, frequency as to how many times do you need to hold this and security concerns such theft.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Congratulations! ALVEO LAND: Best Residential Agent 2013!

Congratulations! ALVEO LAND: Best Residential Agent 2013!

Truly Very Nice for a Primary Home and at the same time Very Good for Investment!

Thank you for choosing Alveo as your choice of Property 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Most Expensive And Luxurious Condos In the Philippines

Condominiums have experienced an unbelievable growth in popularity these past two decades. There are many benefits to living in a condominium and people have quickly caught on to these. There are space constraints in major cities in the Philippines and it is not surprising that for those who want to be near commercial areas, getting a condo unit is preferable to buying a house and lot.

Just like for other properties, there is a wide price range for condominium units. A condo in the Philippines can typically cost anywhere from a little over a million pesos to hundreds of millions of pesos. More affordable condos are growing in numbers because of the bigger market but there are still expensive and luxurious condominiums for those who are in the upper bracket of society. Below are some of the most expensive and luxurious condos in the Philippines.
  • Essensa Private Residence. With two buildings towering over the Fort Bonifacio Development area and with views of neighboring Forbes Park and Manila Golf and Polo Clubs, a typical unit in this luxury condominium has three bedroom suites, an entrance foyer, a powder room, spacious living and dining area, a housekeeper’s room, a gourmet kitchen, a housekeeper’s kitchen, a utility area, and a balcony. Being a resident means coughing up at least 45 million.
  • Trump Tower. Backed by the popular Trump brand, the Trump Towers in Makati offers condo units with one bedroom up to four bedrooms and priced from 9 million pesos up to 90 million pesos. The Trump Tower is a relatively new luxury condominium because it has yet to be completed. 
  • Raffles Residences. It is not surprising that many of those in this list are Makati condominiums, one of which is The Raffles Residences Makati. The simplest one-bedroom condo unit can cost you a whopping 13 million pesos in this posh condo. A two-bedroom unit is priced anywhere from 25 million pesos to 32 million pesos while a three-bedroom unit is priced between 43 million pesos to 59 million pesos. Be ready to shell out up to 100 million pesos to get the privilege of owning a penthouse unit.
  • The Residences at Greenbelt. Conveniently located right beside the Greenbelt at Makati, this three-tower condominium complex is only available from resellers because it has been sold out for quite some time now. The different units are two-bedroom flat unit, two-bedroom bi-level garden unit, three-bedroom flat unit, three-bedroom bi-level garden unit, three-bedroom penthouse unit, and three-bedroom lower penthouse unit. The price ranges from 9 million pesos to 35 million pesos.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Open House: Four (4) Things You Need To Know About Open Houses

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to put up your real estate Ph property, you have several avenues to explore in order to get it up in the market. Among the most time-honored strategies include holding open houses. Learn the basics and see if you can maximize this approach to gain potential buyers.
Here are four (4) things you need to know about open houses.

  1. What is an Open House? This is basically an event where people gather around to check out the residential option in hope to purchase a house for sale. It is a long-standing tradition that has been proven effective in the past as prospective homebuyers experience first-hand the look-and-feel of the home without the pressure of having to arrange an appointment with a real estate guy or take care of necessary paperwork just schedule a viewing. This is normally held during weekends where future buyers are free from work.
  1. How it works. The owner employs a real estate agent to sell his land. Depending on the strategy of the latter, he or she can give recommendations whether it would be wise to open it to the public with various factors in mind such as marketability and location. For instance, it could be effective to hold one if the place is located in a neighborhood that is easily accessible to visit. Once the title-holder decides to go ahead and move forward, the realtor can start the advertising regimen like putting out signs on the street corners to draw traffic, posting a newspaper ad to bring in more clients or having it over the web for bigger target audience. When the day arrives, the agent would present the house, ensure that each person sign in their information – name, address, phone number, and later, see to it that they carry a fact sheet containing details about the realty as well as his or her business card. Interested parties could come back for a private or second tour.
  1. What to prepare.  There are several items to prepare to guarantee a smooth and successful open house. On the part of the realtor, the materials needed to implement his or her marketing tactics must be readily available ahead of time. On the other hand, proper home staging to improve its total appearance is just one of the things the seller needs to set up.
  1. Another alternative. The best ones are usually those that are exclusive to real estate pros wherein only brokers and agents attend the affair. Since they understand their clients’ preferences more, time and effort is comparably well-spent hence this saves money in the long run.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playful Home Decors

Safe and boring are 2 descriptions you do not like you house to be associated with. Just like your personality, home decors should have characters and life. It would be really nice to see an item in your space and remember the story attached to it. It may be a sofa given by your mom; or probably a night lamp that was given by a significant other. Just like the clothes you wear, each item in your house should spell YOU. Otherwise, your space may look like another showroom of furniture room.

That is why in decorating any part of your space at home, make sure you have fun and incorporate who you are as person. Sure, you can ask other's opinion; but the final decision should still be you and only you. Come to think of it, isn't it a lot better when you observe your house and see yourself in it?

An example of this is the tic-tac-toe table top of my friend. It sure did remind me that he is a gamer whenever he has time to space. Cool center piece, I could say.

Have fun decorating your home! Most of all, don't forget to add character inside your space.

By: Eric Capacia

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real Estate Investing: How To Get Started

Among the most popular and solid investment vehicles are real estate investments. It is quite easy to get into real estate investing and it is less risky than other investment products. For those who would like to get started on real estate investing, below is a guide to help you.
  • Research. Just like with other types of investment, it is very important to read up on what you will be getting yourself into. Check whether the market is currently good or bad. Learn about the types of properties that are good to invest in. And basically read as much as you can on real estate investing. It is also a good idea to immerse yourself in the field by talking to your friends who have made real estate investments or join online groups and forums on real estate investing.
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  • Check prices. Once you have researched on real estate terms and the market, check the prices of potential Philippine properties for sale. The prices can vary greatly depending on the type of property, its location, and its size. A condo in the Philippines may cost more than a typical house and lot with the same floor area but it might be able to give you a higher profit. So consider also the potential of a particular property to earn you some money. This will give you a good idea of the specific type of property that you want to invest in. 
  • Prepare capital. The drawback with real estate investing is that it often requires a large initial capital outlay. The easiest way to fund your real estate investment is to have the cash to pay for the property. However, a lot of people do not have such a large amount of money or they do not want to make such a huge initial investment. The alternative is to apply for a bank housing loan and mortgage the property instead. The mortgage option works best if you plan on renting out the property.

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