Thursday, October 31, 2013

Open House: Quick Checklist For Real Estate Agents

The role of the realtor in an open house event cannot be understated. While it is a joint effort together with the homeowner, the tasks and responsibilities of an agent is distinct and separate as he focuses more on the promotional side and ensuring that the affair will be implemented properly.

How To Prepare For An Open House If You Are A Real Estate Agent
Below is a quick checklist for PH real estate agents. Regardless if you’re new in the industry or this is your first time to host such affair, get to know your to-dos to help deliver a successful result for the team.

1.       Conduct a research on the neighborhood. More often than not, the attendees will have no idea about the community where the property is currently located. It is your job then to get all the information needed to catch the interest of prospective buyers. Pattern the data you will provide to the visitors with the goal you and the homeseller are both aiming for. Are you looking to target families instead of single individuals? If this is so, learn the pros and cons of the current location of the home. How near or far is the PH property from school, health center and park? Is the grocery store within walking distance? How quick can the fire or police department respond in case of emergency?

2.       Create a fact sheet about the details of the home. Just imagine how it’s going to be like on the day of the event. Many people will surely ask the same questions over and over again. How many bedrooms are there? Is the kitchen and dining room separate? Is there a bathroom for the kids? When was it constructed? How’s the power or water system? How big is the residence in terms of square meters? Instead of answering them one by one, you can avoid this scenario by preparing a simple leaflet that states all the basic info they will surely be interested in knowing about.

3.       Do online and offline promotions. Next step is to make sure that many people will know that you have some properties up for sale. Reach a bigger audience by promoting it on the web. Get it listed on Craigslist and put announcements on several social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Advertise on local newspapers and put a signage on the front yard to alert passing drivers. Make it as interesting as possible. Put balloons and add colors into it to catch more attention.

4.       Coordinate with the person-in-charge for food and entertainment. If the owner has a housekeeper, arrange for a few snacks and bottled water for the guests. Adding a little background music will certainly make a difference as well.

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