Friday, February 20, 2015

6 Kitchen Things That Can Be Used For Gardening

Most of us, if not all, have a garden in our house. Be it a vegetable garden or a flower garden, we have it at home or any Alveo Cebu properties that we have. Usually, taking good care of our garden can be our past time when we don't have anything to do at home.

And when you are a kind of person who wants to try new and exciting things, there are a lot in store for you. Don't you know that there are also small or tiny things found in your kitchen can be one of the things that you can use for your garden? Yes. There are a lot! Sometimes, we just didn't notice that our old and junk things in our kitchen can still be useful yet we throw it away immediately instead.

Here are the things that you have in your kitchen that can actually be used in your garden, and you have to try these things to have a new look in your garden.

A wine cork for mini flower pot garden

We do drink wine, right? We drink during occasion or just for fun. Usually, wines have corks. Collect it. Don't throw it away. You can make a mini flower pot out of it. You just have to make a hole in the middle of the cork and then put some soil and plant in it. There you have it, a mini flower pot. It is nice to look at if you make plenty of it and make it as a wine cork mini flower garden. It is not just nice, but it is also new and refreshing to look at.

A syrup, salt and pepper bottle garden

When you have old and already not used syrup, salt and pepper bottle. You don't have to throw it away since we can still use it as a pot in your garden. Of course, you still need to put soil inside for the plants to live. You can have a tiny plant or a grass that can be fitted into the bottle. It is also nice to look at if you make plenty of it.

A teacup for mini flower pot garden

When you have an old teacup that is already not used, you can have a flower pot out of it. It is easy to make it as your pot since all you have to do is plant the flower inside the cup. Make sure you still have the platter to make it better to look at.

 An Eggshell for mini flower pot garden

This is one of the most common mini flower pot designs we have in our house. Instead of throwing away eggshells, you can also have it as your flower pot. You may put seedlings to grow it beautifully inside the eggshell. Your plants will grow into a nice a beautiful flower especially when you have it inside the shell.

A plastic glass for mini flower pot garden

When you have an old, extra and already not used plastic glass, you can surely make it as a flower pot in your garden. Like any other things that were used as a mini flower pot, your flower will also be nice to look at when you put some plants inside the glass. You can also have it as a hanging plant, putting some nylon on the bottom of the glass and hanging it up will also look good in your garden.

A wine glass for mini flower pot garden

Aside from the plastic glass that can be used as a mini flower pot, you can also use a wine glass. Of course, use a wine glass that is old and already not used. If you want it to be more elegant to look at, you may use white pebbles or stones as a decoration for your plants. Just make sure that the plants you put inside will not die.

These things are the cheapest way to transform your garden into a lovely one. You don't need to buy a new set of a flower pot just to have a flower garden. You can always do it your own simple way. Be creative enough to think other things that can be used as a flower pot in your garden.