Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Condominiums Are Popular In Metro Manila

Metro Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. With that being said, people from all over the country desire to try their luck in the big city. However, the huge influx of people and the steady increase of infrastructure in Metro Manila have taken its toll.
There is now less space for traditional houses that is why developers of real estate in the Philippines are taking advantage of this, thus the birth of Manila condominiums. Aside from the limited space for residential areas, here are some of the reasons why condominiums are a hit in Metro Manila:

Prime Location
Most condominiums in Metro Manila are strategically situated near, if not at the center, of business districts and town centers. The cost of land in these areas is usually very expensive, so investing in a condominium unit is more practical. The worsening traffic in the metro is another good reason why living in a condominium is advisable. If you are a working professional living near the office, you get more time for yourself and less time on the road.

Most, if not all, condominiums have facilities like swimming pool, gym, function rooms, recreation facilities, and exclusive parking spaces. With the limited land area, parking space has become a luxury in Metro Manila. There are also some condominiums that offer unlimited internet and cable access. Condominium unit owners are given priority rights to use these amenities.

Condominium units require less maintenance, not only because it is smaller compared to traditional single-detached houses, but also because unit owners are responsible only with the interiors of the condo unit. Repairs and other improvements, such as gardening, repainting, and other beautification efforts, are shouldered by the condominium association, so this is an added plus for busy professionals who have no time to think about, or even fix, these things.

Due to the increasing reports about theft and robbery in the metro, living in condominiums offers a sense of round the clock security. Security guards, closed circuit televisions, and alarm systems are provided by the developers as part of the condominium package.

The fast-paced life in Metro Manila can be exhausting however exciting it may be. Eliminating the seemingly small issues like commuting, repair, and security can greatly affect the quality of your stay in the big city. Spending more of your time and efforts on what matters most is what life is all about.