Monday, August 22, 2011

Family time at Two Serendra

At Alveo Land’s Two Serendra, the joy of weekends can be as simple as a step or two from your front door.

Situated at the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC)-a mixed-use business and lifestyle hub known as the "home of passionate minds"-Two Serendra is an upscale residential community with a unique suburban feel where families can passionately enjoy the joys of innovative living.

Taking inspiration from Ayala Land's unparalleled standards in residential development, Alveo Land has built Two Serendra as an innovative community that fuses the concepts of modern, practical, and passionate living.

"Two Serendra has been at the forefront of innovative and passionate living that is what distinguishes the brand of life at BGC," said Jennylle Tupaz, project development head of Alveo Land "Here, families have the luxury of time to venture into diverse activities that further binds them and allows them to grow together."

While other developments promise a laid back living environment, Two Serendra takes it to another level with a distinct and unmatched character. The development dedicates 65 percent of its total land area to open greenery and an array of state-of-the-art lifestyle amenities-a valuable space for families to go out and enjoy your beauty and ease of the surroundings.

"This unique feature will insulate families from the buzzing energy of the city. With this, they can have rest and quiet whenever they want it without having to go too far away," Tupaz said.

With the introduction of Two Serendra's third and latest high-rise development-The Meranti-proximate living has been emphasized further as a vital factor that helps improve the quality of life.

Two Serendra residents can enjoy socializing and building relationships with people who share the same passions through the interactive amenities at The Living Museum in The Meranti.

Epitomizing the kind of innovation that Alveo Land is well-known for, The Living Museum is composed of a variety of lifestyle amenities and facilities where residents can cultivate the kind of life that Two Serendra is very much known for: living within social spaces for sharing passions.

Residents don't have to wait for the weekends just to enjoy valuable time with their loved ones. There's the Stellar Peak, a rooftop view deck where families can enjoy viewing the star-filled night sky or the flickering, multi-colored spectrum of lights of the vibrant city below. Families who have the eye and the passion for scenic and landscape photography will surely find the place an ideal place to converge and engage in doing what they love the most.

The Discovery Hall also stands out for families who value intellectual pursuits. The joys of exploring and learning new things together are achieved in this relaxed setting where parents and their children can play indoor games, read books, go online, or engage in various fun-filled learning activities.

Other amenities include The Enterprise Lounge-a top-rate business facility that is ideal for relaxed meetings and get-togethers; The Tropical Garden, a glass-enclosed function hall and party venue where residents can hold parties and social gatherings; the Culinary Studio, a spacious kitchen and dining area done to professional standards, where residents can share and indulge in delightful gastronomic delights; and the Fitness Club, a multi-storey gym outfitted with complete exercise equipment.

"Residents of The Meranti will have a home that will redefine itself to bring more passion to their family time" tells Tupaz. "This is a place that takes passionate suburban living to a different level."

An integrated living environment characterized by a fine balance of life, work, and play is what awaits residents of Two Serendra. With diverse opportunities in life right within one's reach, Two Serendra is more than just an innovative living space for families within a dynamic district-it is a distinct development where everyday feels like a weekend.

Alveo Land Corp. sets the benchmark for innovation in the Philippine real estate today. Armed with sharper foresight, unparalleled excellence and total commitment, Alveo Land Corp. finds the means to provide the most innovative homes to make you live well.

Alveo Land is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayala Land.
Malaya Business Insight
11 August 2011

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