Friday, November 25, 2011

Condominium Complexes: Home for Filipino Families

Condominiums are a popular type of home for Filipinos seeking to live in a home within walking distance from their workplaces. However, there are also other types of condominiums which aim to offer a home for growing Filipino families. These types of condominiums are known as condominium complexes.

Condominiums are some of the most popular types of housing in the Philippines today, particularly among many modern Filipino families. So what made condominiums a popular type of housing for growing Filipino families?

Condominiums for Growing Families

Most condominiums are found in business and commercial districts, which is why these types of modern housings became popular among many modern Filipinos who seek to live in a home near enough for them to easily and conveniently access their workplaces while avoiding the usual hassles of morning rush hour .

However, these types of housings are usually suitable for specific Filipinos such as company or corporate executives, high-wage earners, as well as businessmen and women. For Filipinos with a growing family, these types of modern housings may not be as suitable as other Filipinos have had. This is the reason why new types of condo in Philippines were introduced in the market which aims to offer Filipinos a modern housing for modern Filipino families.

Differences of Condominiums and Condominium Complexes

One major difference between condominiums and condominium complexes are its location. Condominiums are mostly found in the city, while condominium complexes are found around the outskirts of Metro Manila.

Because of its location, these types of housing can offer their residents a more family-oriented environment due to its seclusion from the noise and busy traffic of the city, allowing for more room for children to run and play.

In addition to that, another difference is that condominium complexes are mostly found in exclusive communities, which is similar to that of housing communities or subdivisions, or complexes. And that it is mostly comprised of several mid-rising and high-rising condominium buildings.

Another difference is with its collection of facilities. According to many experts, condominiums are the only types of residential Philippines properties for sale in business districts that can offer facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and sports complexes.

Condominium complexes can also offer the same benefit that those types of condominiums can offer, but with the addition of facilities geared towards the needs of growing children, such as recreational parks and playgrounds.


In addition to its type of ownership (housing tenure), condominiums and condominium complexes are also similar in terms of their maintenance and security personnel. Another is its similarities in its monthly dues, which are fees paid by unit owners for the maintenance of the whole condominium as well as wages of its personnel.

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